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Fairy Tail Shipping Meme by akainu0 Fairy Tail Shipping Meme :iconakainu0:akainu0 2 7 My Top 10 Favorite  Manga/Anime by akainu0 My Top 10 Favorite Manga/Anime :iconakainu0:akainu0 2 2 Ancient Egypt Survives Until Present Day by akainu0 Ancient Egypt Survives Until Present Day :iconakainu0:akainu0 1 3 Galactic Map 2015: Fourth Galactic War by akainu0 Galactic Map 2015: Fourth Galactic War :iconakainu0:akainu0 2 0 Dragon Bane by akainu0 Dragon Bane :iconakainu0:akainu0 2 0 Big Stick by akainu0 Big Stick :iconakainu0:akainu0 0 0 Rushmore by akainu0 Rushmore :iconakainu0:akainu0 6 0
Ben 10 OC
Name: Seth
Age: 18
Species: 1/2 Human; 1/2 Thep Khufan (the same species as Benmummy)
Appearance: his human form is tall, slender, and he has a shaved head.  He has pale skin, and dark red eyes.  He wears a gold shirt, and gold pants generally.  His alien form resembles a general Thep Khufan, with the whole Egyptian appearance.  His "skirt" is red bad black striped, and his "mask" has red eyes.
Personality: Seth hates Ectounurite with a burning passion, as he sees them as oppressors to his people on Anur Khufos.  As such he holds a drive to wipe them out, no matter what it takes.  He also blames them for the death his father.  Despite this, Seth genuinely cares about his comrades, and, in turn, they agree with his viewpoints.
History: Seth's mother is a human, who lived a generally normal life, and his father is a Thep Khufan, who was the leader and founder of a rebellion in the Anur system to remove their Ectounurit
:iconakainu0:akainu0 2 17
Cobra Clark
Name: Clark
Other: The Sniper of the Serpents
Species: Ashe's Spitting Cobra
Looks: As an Ashe's Spitting Cobra, Clark is very large.  He has a belt of bullets around his coils, and he carries a rifle along his belt as well.  He has a broad hood.
Personality: Very slick and calm.  Clark takes great pride in his sharpshooting skills, and venom.  When someone threatens it, he normally challenges them to a contest, to see who can dare to challenge him to a contest.  He holds a considerable amount of respect for Rattlesnake Jake.
Abilities: Clark is a master sharpshooter, with both his rifle, and his venom.  As a spitting cobra, Clark can spit toxic venom, at remarkable aim.  He is such a good sniper, that he can nail a bird in the eye from across the town.
:iconakainu0:akainu0 1 4
Espada OC Chronicles
Espada OCs
Name: Slash Tyrannus
Age: appears to be in his teens
Rank: -1
Mask Fragment: a pharaoh style beard on his chin.
Appearance: His basic design is based on Lelouch from Code Geass, except he has bright red hair, and red eyes.  He wears the Espada uniform in the form of a suit of sorts.  His right arm is completely dominated by a steel glove, with an eye on the palm, that has claws, and goes all the way up to his shoulder.  Slash can summon a enormous scythe from the glove.  Both of these two weapons are his Zanpakuto.  HIs tattoo is under his glove, on his palm.
Personality: Slash is a calm, contemplative Arrancar.  He generally has a deadpan, bored expression.  He seldom interacts with others, having a cold, indifferent attitude.  Slash, however, does care about his fellow Espada, calling them his "comrades".  He views every rank to be necessary and important, from the Numeros, to the Esp
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So with that, Fairy Tail has ended.  I remember when I started reading it, it was during the Tenrou Island arc, where I binge read the whole series from the beginning over a course of a week.  Its going to be strange, because as weird as it sounds, looking forward to the updates is part of what got me through the week.  At least the anime is going to be coming back, so there is still that to look forward.  But let's talk about the final chapter for now.

So it opens in what I think was a very fitting scene, with Lucy actually finishing, and publishing the novel she was established to be writing.  I think that's a nice callback to something established early in the series, though it would have been nice to see that plot point referenced more.  We see a party where Lucy's getting an award, where we get a little "where are they now" segment, and a few of the ships sail; there's no point for the GaLe once since that ship sailed LONG ago, Gruvia gets confirmed in a relatively subtle way, and Jerza, while not overt, is made clear that its happening.  We get a few joke references to Elfgreen, the Laxus pairings get made fun of a little, and we even get Kinabra in the end (which I'm sure the anime will expand upon).  Hell, we see Mavis and Zeref are essentially reborn to start a new relationship.  The only pairing that of course leaves is the big one, NaLu, where we see Lucy hug Natsu, which he returns, where Lucy thanks him for for finding her, as it defined her person so much.  Natsu then whisks her away, where the team goes on to begin the 100 Year Quest, where the story comes to a conclusion, ending the series.

Now let me start off by saying, that yes, NaLu is canon.  One person pointed out that in Japanese tropes, romance is more subtle opposed to very overt displays of affection that us Westerners envision.  Not to mention, it would be out of character for Natsu to give Lucy a Big Damn Kiss or something like that.  But considering what we got, I think we can safely say that NaLu can be considered canon.  Would I have preferred something more overt, yes I would have, but for what we got, I think it works.

As for the rest of the chapter, for a series that was built almost entirely on action and flare, the ending is really quiet, and is more your "And the adventure continues style of ending"; which makes sense for a story like this.  Much of it is dedicated to just wrapping the characters up, and concluding their personal stories.  While I would have preferred something along the lines of us seeing the next generation (especially since we know now that at least Gajeel and Levy have kids), again yes I would have.  Hopefully Mashima will give us something like that on his Twitter page, or the anime will expand on it.  All in all, I think it was a nice, sweet way to end the series, and I'm sad to see it go.

Now I might as well sum up my final thoughts on the series.  While I do really like the series on the whole, and it is still my favorite series, I will not deny that in its final stages, it stumbled.  I'm going to be optimistic, and say it was partially due to the typical "ending syndrome", that many shounen experience, where the authors are told they have to finish up the series in a certain amount of time, and they may not be able to do all they wanted to do.  Also, in regards to the lack of deaths, I'm going to argue that were a number of characters that were supposed to remain dead, most notably Makarov.  Let me point out that not only was the death portrayed as very final, but he had essentially no role in the final battle, and one could have cut him from the last scenes completely, and it wouldn't have made any difference.  To that end, it is really possible that Mashima wanted him to remain dead, but was essentially told to bring him back; hell, for all we know, perhaps the Japanese readers were unhappy with his death, and pushed for his return.  

But all in all, I'm going to choose to have fond memories of the series, rather than negative ones, since its more fun to like things than to dislike.  There is still a lot of things to have fun with and enjoy, and to see these characters just sort of play off each other.  In the end, maybe that was the real intention of the series, seeing these different characters, all with different distinguishing traits and different powers play off each other, while throwing in some laughs and some action.  The series ultimately gives me feelings similar to what I felt with Guardians of the Galaxy, of a fun, dumb series, that's not out to really win any awards or be really deep, but is more out to make people smile, and have a good time.

Now we wait for Hiro Mashima's next work, and hopefully it will be something big.  And in the mean time, I guess there's nothing else to do, but to start watching the series from the beginning again.
Fairy Tail Chapter 545: My Opinion/Final Thoughts

"One: You must never reveal sensitive information about Fairy Tail to others for as long as you live.

Two: You must never use former contacts met through your being in the guild for personal gain.

Three: Though our paths may have diverged, you must continue to live out your life with all your might, you must never consider your own life to be something insignficant , and you must never forget about your friends who loved you.


This isn’t goodbye. Not for good.

The journey is over, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. We’ll go on more adventures together. We may find others to keep us amused, we may start to create for other characters, but…

“Even if I can’t see you, I’ll always be looking your way.”

That’s a promise, no matter how far I’ll go, there will be none to captivate my heart like you…

Fairy Tail."

So the final battle is over, and I wish it had been longer.

This chapter essentially features the guilds struggling to contain Acnologia's body, and having serious trouble, as he overpowers them.  However, Meredy links the entire continent with her magic, allowing all the magic power to be used to finally capture him.  During this, Natsu, with the combined power of all Seven Dragon Slayers defeats Acnologia where Natsu is essentially declared the king of the dragons, after which the Dragon Slayers are freed and reunited.  And that's essentially the whole of the chapter, and again, I wish it was longer.

Maybe one more chapter with Natsu and Acnologia actually trading blows.  Maybe the anime can do it more justice, with movement, color and flare.  But as things stand, there just wasn't enough time giving to it.  For all I know, maybe Mashima had to meet a specific limit, and couldn't extend it.  Its the typical final arc fatigue that I've seen many manga slip into.  It needs to be resolved within a certain span of time, and that can offer make the series suffer some.

That all said, I thought the guild's running with Acnologia's body was actually well done, since it actually takes the Power of Friendship and backs it up with action instead of just words.  We actually see it in action, and its good seeing all the characters getting a chance to shine.  Again, I think the anime would be able to show this better, with more color and flare.

The last chapter will be 48 chapters.  I'm not sure what will be portrayed, but I hope at least that we can see all the pairings come together.  based on what I saw with Rave Master's ending, I imagine something at least akin to that.  However, the setting on both endings were considerably different, so it will still be different.
While the release has been delayed, I found a rough translation of the chapter.

I knew Acnologia was't beaten.  There was simply no way it was going to end like that.  With that said, this chapter starts off with Acnologia breaking out of the space-time void, explaining that he, in a sense, "ate" the power of the void, becoming even stronger in the process.  He then unleashes his power that starts decimating the land, before all the Dragon Slayers are apparently absorbed by him.  The chapter concludes with Natsu in some different world, faced by Acnologia.

I'm currently under the impression that this chapter's implication is that Natsu didn't disappear because of the book or Zeref, but because he was absorbed by Acnologia.  That would make sense.  I'm hoping that Natsu alone doesn't fight Acnologia, and has to work with his Dragon Slayer kin to beat him, especially since Natsu just beat one major antagonist on his own, it seems unfair he be the one defeat another.  That said, I'm assuming this is going to be the final fight.  Considering how there still six chapters to go (I say six instead of seven because the last one will probably be an epilogue), I'm not sure if Mashima will formally introduce Ankhseram, or just leave it the way it is.  Considering what Anksheram is indicated to be, that might be for the best.  To that end, this is probably going to be the final battle.  I personally would have preferred the other characters play some role in it, but oh well.

Aside from that, there isn't anything else to talk about.  Next chapter we'll probably see the fight begin.
I know a lot of people didn't like the ending, and I'm not going to deny, its bad.  I'm not going to give a summary, mostly because I don't have the time, and also because if you're reading this, you probably already know what happened.

While I won't defend Makarov coming back (for fairly obvious reasons), I will say there is a definitively good scene, that is legitimately sad, when Mavis and Zeref go together to the afterlife.  I guess that means that they're finally going to be able to meet their son.  To that end, I suppose I'm a bit more forgiving of Makarov coming back because it was with a price (a sort of "life for a life"), but I still would've preferred he stood dead.

Now when it comes to character death in any given series, I can take it or leave it so long as it advances the plot.  Makarov's "death" did advance the plot, but his coming back at this point never would.  I guess I get somewhat irked when people demand character death just so that a character can die, but I won't act like I don't understand it here.

I'm inclined to believe that Mashima did want Makarov to really die, seeing how final the scenes were earlier, and either this publisher or editor told him not to; maybe even his fanbase wanted him to come back (bare in mind, the fanbase he actually has contact with is the Japanese one, and I have no idea what its like compared to the Western base).  Of course I might be completely wrong.  At any rate, there's nothing can turn me off this series at this point, as the series comes to a conclusion.  And to those people who post on reactions only to "justify" their dislike for the series and how they're "right" to dislike it and everyone else is "wrong" for liking it, is there really nothing better to do?

So there are nine chapters to go, and there's no way those nine chapters are just going to be epilogue.  I still think that Acnologia is going to be coming back for a final battle with the Dragon Slayers.  For perspective, the final battle in Rave Master was four chapters long, and there was one extended chapter of epilogue.
Fairy Tail Chapter 537: My Opinion
I'm not going to pretend I don't understand and respect the frustration, but I still enjoy the series on the whole.
ScrewAttack is doing another One Piece vs Fairy Tail DeathBattle, featuring Portgas D. Ace vs. Natsu Dragneel.  Honestly, I'm not looking forward to this, mostly because the first one (Zoro vs. Erza) gave fuel to those fans who say that you can only like one, and have to hate the other.  But, nonetheless, for the heck of it, I'm going to give my opinion on this, based mostly on what we know about the characters, and what we've seen them do, since I do read both series pretty religiously.  For the record, don't accuse some of these feats for these characters as "sloppy writing"; maybe it was, but its still canon, and is a feat they accomplished.  At any rate, ScrewAttack has incorporated examples of sloppy writing into their equations, because its still established canon.

The big question is simply, could they even so much as hurt each other.  Obviously Natsu's attack should just phase through Ace, and likewise, Ace's attacks would just be eaten.  Jokes about Natsu eating Ace aside, there is no reason to assume that the fire Ace produces couldn't be eaten, and there has never been any indication that there is a cap on how much fire Natsu can eat (contrary to white One Minute Melee showed, Natsu cannot be "fed" to death, and I'd call serious bullshit if that's how ScrewAttack determine's he'd lose).  If ScrewAttack finds some rule that means Natsu wouldn't be able to eat Ace's fire (bare in mind the only fire Natsu can't eat is his own, and while he couldn't initially eat was God Slayer fire, he found a way to do it), then it would require some really serious digging on their part, the point of trying to call Oda and/or Mashima and asking.

On that note, that brings us to the factor of Ace's Devil Fruit power, and Natsu's Dragon Slayer Magic.  The question is simply, would the two be able to hurt each other?  The answer, simply put, is from the offset, no.  Since Haki isn't magical (at least not according One Piece's definition of it), Natsu's attacks would likely just phase through Ace.  At any rate, Ace is a tough guy, though I'll admit I haven't seen much of examples of heavy endurance (I'm sure there are, I just don't remember them).  There is the matter of Haki, but I'm not sure how that'll be a factor; the only Haki he's actually been demonstrated to use is Conqueror's Haki, and I don't know whether or not the researchers will assume he can use the other kinds (they generally don't seem to assume anything for the mast part).  But I don't think it'll make much of a difference, Natsu has nothing if not a strong will, he's blasted through things probably tougher than Armor Haki, and Observation Haki only goes so far.

On the other hand, Ace's attacks would simply be eaten by Natsu, and even if he couldn't, Natsu has tanked some pretty serious attacks.  For example, during the Grand Magic Games Sting attacked Natsu with an attack that caused an explosion so big it encompassed much of the Grand Magic Games arena.  Assuming the arena is the same size of the Roman Colosseum (it actually looks slightly larger, but that's irrelevant), that's a big explosion, which Natsu stopped with one hand, without so much as flinching.  To go even further, when confronting August, Natsu shielded Lucy from an explosion nearly the size of a nuclear bomb (if you compare the size of the explosion with the size of the rocks, and then size of the characters against the rocks).  But even without factoring all this, Natsu regularly lights himself on fire, so he can't be hurt by burning attacks.

So in summary, it seems neither would be able to hurt the other, so it could come down to a matter of endurance.  Its been established in Fairy Tail that a mage's magical energy is drawn from the surrounding world, and needs to be replenished.  Likewise, while Logias are powerful, they are not invincible; like all Devil Fruits, the power of the fruit is seems to be based on the user's own capability, and to some extent stamina.  A larger attacks seems to exert them more, and they cannot fight forever (there has been nothing in canon I've read that establishes that Ace can absorb fire to regain strength).  This is where things might turn.

Unlike other mages, Dragon Slayers are shown to be able to regain their energy and magic power by eating their given attribute. Because of this, by constantly shooting fire at Natsu, Ace could be potentially giving his opponent a continuous supply of energy.  Consequentially, while Ace could potentially tire out in this fight, Natsu could potentially keep fighting, which is something Natsu can take advantage of.

Any way, this is my prediction of how the fight could go.  I don't know ScrewAttack's methodology when gathering information, so maybe I did this whole thing wrong.  

At any rate, let's just hope that no matter the result, the winning team won't try and kick the losing team while they're done.
Natsu vs Ace My Opinion
Just my opinion on the upcoming Death Battle based on what we know.


United States
I imagine most people have read Fairy Tail Chapter 420 at this point, so I figure I could give my two cents on it.

This chapter frustrated me.  My reason being I really don't like the idea of the Fairy Tail members joining different guilds. I mean, yeah, it does make sense story wise, and it is practical, but I just can't get on board.  Something about it is really wrong, seeing Wendy with a different guild mark where the Fairy Tail mark is.  That's frustrating in so far as that characters you always associate with Fairy Tail, being a member of a completely different one, can't immediately click with someone, or at least with me.

I'm seriously hoping that Wendy and Carla join up with Natsu and the others.  Its very likely, but I can think of two reasons why they wouldn't.  The first is that Wendy may consider Lamia Scale her guild now, and doesn't want to betray them.  That is understandable, but let's remember that while Lamia Scale may be her friends, Fairy Tail was her family; Natsu was practically her older brother, and it would be a completely betrayal to him, Lucy and Happy for Wendy and Carla to stay with LS.  Another reason is that Wendy may value her friendship with Chelia more, but that's incredibly unlikely, seeing as Wendy is a main character, whereas Chelia is a supporting character.

And of course I should talk briefly about Carla's human form.  I imagine that may be her version of a battle form, like Lily's.  But that's just a guess, since its the only possibility I can think of.

So in all, this chapter did not do any good for me personally.  I can not find it in me to like the fact that members joined different guilds.  It just doesn't work for me.

Now that I've said my piece, I do have to wonder what the other members are doing.  Here are my ideas:

Erza: The only two guilds I can imagine her joining are Mermaid Heel, or Crime Sorcerie; I imagine CS because of Jellal, but she may have wanted to be a member of a legal guild so she can do more.  Or maybe she went out her own.

Gray and Juvia:  Most likely Juvia went with Gray, so I imagine that they are probably out hunting Zeref's followers and demons.

Cana: I can't imagine what other guild she could join, aside from MAYBE Mermaid Heel.  Or maybe she went out to find Gildarts.

Strauss Siblings: I honestly wouldn't put it past Elfman to join Quatro Cerberus; and maybe Mira and Lisanna joined Blue Pegasus.

Laxus: Chances are Laxus and his team went out to become stronger.  I highly doubt Laxus would join a different guild, since he's a descendant of one of the founders.

Gajeel and Lily: I suspect that Gajeel and Lily did what Natsu and Happy did, which is to go out and train to get stronger.

Levy: I honestly imagine Levy doing something like Lucy.

So tell me, what did you think?


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