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My Top 10 Favorite  Manga/Anime by akainu0 My Top 10 Favorite  Manga/Anime by akainu0
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This is all just my personal opinion.  These are manga that I like, and I acknowledge that not all people share my interests.  That's not a problem, but I don't need anyone's validation or approval to like something.  And I'm not going to call any of these objectively good or bad based on what internet critics say.  I value the judgement of one professional critic, far more than that of a dozen internet critics.  And keep the following in mind: this list is ordered by my personal interest, not by which manga I consider superior.  Also, yes, I like One Piece, and Fairy Tail.  Its been my observation that OP and FT fans are often in very fierce conflict with on and another, and you have to like one or the other.  Why can't you like  both?

10: Terra Formars: This a stupid series.  The concept is ridiculous, its full of other pointless gore, the science is beyond laughable, and its pacing is sloppy.  And its pure dumb fun.  Its almost like a manga B-Movie, and I'm confident that if it were a live action movie, it would have pretty crappy CGI.  Everything about is so ridiculous, and so over the top, its hard not to have fun while reading it.  I hear accusations of racism, which I suppose I can understand, but I never even thought about looking at it that way until I heard people bringing it up.  Surprisingly, its also got decent characters, which you can grow to root for, which is rare for something like this.  In all, if your looking for a stupid fun manga, this is the one for you.

9: Rosario+Vampire: I actually prefer the anime to the manga, because the anime is paced better than the manga.  At times, the manga can drag, and fall into the typical shounen traps, that the story is just not cut out for.  The anime take the story in a more appropriate direction, being a story that's primarily anthology based.  It also doesn't take itself too seriously, with some clever fourth wall jokes, and some scenes that can make you laugh.

8: Xam'd The Lost Memories: This series is severely underrated.  Its got great characters, great designs, incredible animation, great music, and an original, engaging story.  When I finished watching it, and went to look it up, I was surprised by how few people had apparently seen it.  I highly recommend watching this, you won't regret it.

7: Erueka Seven: Why do I like this series?  Its inventive.  The idea of robots surfing on the wind is clever, and the backstory about these robots is interesting.  Some times, it can be a tad existential and confusing, but if you're willing to give that a pass, this story can be quite engaging.  The characters are what holt eh series up.  Initially, some can be annoying, but he grows, and comes to become a more interesting character.  The titular character is also decently interesting, and you grow to root for her during the series.  The action may be a tad routine at times, but its still good action, and some the designs can be quite clever as well.

6: Heroic Age: I'm a big fan of the space opera.  I like seeing big fights between aliens and people, ships and ships, and giant robots.  This fulfills all of that, and more.  The story is sort of a Battlestar Galactia-esque scenario, where humanity is trying to go back to Earth, but they're being constantly harassed by their enemies.  Fortunately for them, they have the allegiance of a power boy, who can assume the form of a semi-divine alien.  There are more than a few references to Greek mythology, which may be a tad too overt for some, but I liked it fine.

5: Heroman: While not as stupid as Terra Formars, this is still a silly series, but in a good way.  The best comparison to watching the anime or reading the manga, is reading a Marvel comic.  And since this concept was invented by Stan Lee himself, that's to be expected.  Its got the big, over-the-top scenes that we all know and love from comics, with the silly, exaggerated designs and powers.  The characters are good enough to want to follow them, and while at times at the beginning they can be annoying, they get better.  Something that's kind of interesting as well, is that it takes place in America (you will NEVER forget it), and the depiction of American culture is actually pretty accurate.  Though it is is kind of funny seeing all these characters speaking Japanese.

4: One Piece: I like it for more or less the same reasons as others do I suppose, so there's probably not much to really say.  Its creative, its exciting, it doesn't take itself seriously, and its fun.  The reason its not higher on the list, is because its particular content doesn't line up to my personal interests.

3: Naruto: This is the manga I'm going to argue is the best shounen, but that's not the point of this page.  Again, I like this for the same reasons most people like its.  Its got a good story, good action, and good characters.  What else is there is to say.

2: Rave Master: The reasons this is one of my favorites is for its story.  The story is remarkably engaging, and fast paced, and never wastes time.  It goes from one point to the next without missing a beat.  The characters are also quite engaging, and are the most part, aren't annoying.  Some might find Plue or Ruby annoying, but I personally didn't, and it was interesting seeing the story develop the way it did.  It was also quite inventive, with some interesting, original designs, and some clever plot points.  And at times, it could be just as heartfelt, and deep as any other good shounen.

1: Fairy Tail: If you've read my Fairy Tail chapter blogs, you'd already know my opinion on this series.  If you haven't, then let me explain myself.  I love its setting, I love its characters, I love its story.  I can tell you the traits of all the characters,  what their powers are, their backstory, and what their design is.  The story, like all  stories, has its low points, but it has far more high points that keep sucking me back in.  Basically, its a story that's right up my alley.  And for anyone who thins I have bad taste, if I have bad taste, than a decent chunk of other people have bad taste as well, seeing as most online manga sites have it at least in the top 5, and its consistently got a score of 8 or 9 out of 10.  Not to mention that on sites like Amazon or Funimation, its got high ratings.  So I have my doubts all these different people have such bad taste.  In short, my opinion doesn't have to be anything else but my own, and as I said above, I don't need other people's validation to like something.

 And if you really don't like that I like something, I direct you to these two videos:…;…
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